DIY Decorations

Hey! I wanted to share some Origami and Macrame decorations I've been making. I used to do Origami as a kid, and decided that it would be nice and a e s t h e t i c to spice up my room with an Origami Scene. I also decided to attempt a Macrame. I've never done Macrame before, but it looks pretty nice. Below is my attempt at some daisies in MIT colors.

It's honestly pretty neat doing DIY decorations. I had some fun with this, especially with the Origami (though my paper is atrocious-you may note that I followed a Kade Chan tutorial for the Koi Fish, but couldn't add the final details due to the size of my paper plus my lack of skill). I'm aiming for a waterfall of sorts with some cranes lizards and fish inhabiting the environment in my final picture.

If I have time, I'd like to build a thing (make a thing) that is completely new every week (or at least do something new every week). I have a couple FPGA projects in mind, but also I was thinking of trying to pick up some Chinese calligraphy. I'm pretty busy, but something artistic I think does me good as a small side-hobby. Beyond that maybe I'll try painting, or learning how to solve a Rubiks cube, or making 3D animations with Blender. Or... actually I might try and make some tutorials on youtube for certain music production tasks. This last thing is something I've been wanting to do for a while, but desktop audio recording drivers on Mac (Catalina) are busted: it's a real pain.